December 12, 2009

Chapter 14: Background Checks

The CIA starts background checks on Pawley for a variety of missions. Pawley succeeds in moving tons of uranium out of India so it won’t fall into the hands of communists in Russia and China. Pawley is sworn in as a special assistant to the Secretary of State, attends a NATO conference in Portugal. As a special assistant to Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett, Pawley secures tactical air fields in France and Germany for the support of ground forces under NATO plans. Pawley’s son, Clifton, dies suddenly of polio in Mexico. William and Edna Pawley spend months in Paris. In a background check, General Chennault states that he regarded Pawley’s record in India and China as questionable and Pawley “was involved in attempted bribery.” The CIA looks into Pawley’s investment in Civil Air Transport which begins providing cover for CIA operations in Southeast Asia and becomes Air America. Pawley offers to buy a 500-acre farm in Virginia for President Eisenhower. Edna Pawley congratulates General Marshall on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.